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The Challenge

Siteimprove is a people-centric software company driven by the desire to simplify website management. They began defining their ABM strategy in December of 2018. Their primary marketing challenge was to serve an increasingly enterprise-level clientele while still aligning the goals of their sales and marketing teams.

Siteimprove started small with four ABM programs targeting approximately 100 accounts. They are now expanding their ABM strategy to touch all areas of the buying cycle, from attracting new prospects, to communicating with customers, and encouraging retention and upsell.

The Solution

The Demandbase ABM Platform and Targeting Solution enabled Siteimprove to personalize their digital advertising based on their overarching strategy. Highly targeted, personalized advertising helped increase brand awareness and engagement across industries, so prospects were already familiar with Siteimprove when the sales team reached out to them.

For another target audience, Siteimprove engaged accounts with a comprehensive, multi-touch campaign. They made sure every target account experienced a consistent cross-channel message. The Demandbase Platform helped accomplish their campaign goals as well as marketing channels like direct mail, website chat, and personal follow up from sales team.

The inside sales reps were integral to this campaign’s success. Sales received Demandbase Conversion insights daily and they also worked directly within the Demandbase Platform to track and analyze campaign performance. This program has now been fully adopted in their prospecting process.

The Results

Siteimprove continues to see success across all their ABM programs. The results below are what they achieved in just the first six months.

  • 62 demos from Demandbase conversions and marketing campaigns
  • 4 closed-won deals
  • 45% of Sales team using Conversion Solution insights

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