ServiceMax Triples Leads and Increases Engagement with The Demandbase ABM Platform



increase in conversions


decrease in bounce rates


increase in page views per session

The Challenge:

ServiceMax is the only complete field service software solution helping companies of all sizes manage contracts, scheduling, and parts, while also providing solutions for social, portals, and analytics — all delivered in the cloud to any mobile device.

The ServiceMax marketing team was faced with the challenge of providing a more tailored and personalized web experience for its visitors, while increasing form submissions. They aimed to decrease bounce rates and increase time on site for a specific group of targeted accounts. ServiceMax serves a wide and diverse client and prospect base, and with a small marketing team there just wasn’t enough bandwidth to manually create all the necessary personalization rules. ServiceMax needed to ensure it had enough reliable data to determine what content was relevant to specific visitors to drive engagement and ultimately conversions on their website.

The Solution:

ServiceMax first implemented the Demandbase Forms solution that shortened the number of fields per form while still collecting critical firmographic data on the backend. By doing this, the company was able to capture key information from site visitors such as annual revenue, number of employees and company name and push it directly into their marketing automation system without asking the visitor for this data.

Next, ServiceMax implemented Demandbase Site Optimization, powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Site Optimization allowed ServiceMax to go beyond the handful of personalization rules they already had in place to automatically recommend relevant content to each and every site visitor based on AI-powered insights.

To measure against their goals, ServiceMax also leveraged Demandbase Analytics. With Analytics, they could understand traffic trends, bounce rates, conversion rates and other critical website metrics by account – even for anonymous visitors – based on IP address.

The Results:

Early results were promising for ServiceMax with bounce rates decreasing 70% since implementing their new personalization strategy. Website visitors are staying longer and visiting more pages as well: both “Pages per Session” and “Time on Site” metrics increased over 100%.

In addition, thanks to shortened forms, ServiceMax has also seen a 300% increase in form conversions and a 6x increase in the number of demo sign-ups they receive.

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