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The Challenge:

Progress offers its customers the best platform for building and deploying tomorrow’s applications quickly and easily. Progress offers flexible frontend tooling for delivering an engaging and multi-channel UX, a modern, reliable, scalable and secure backend to build and run microservices, and leading data connectivity capabilities for harnessing data from business systems and any other data source, whether on premise or in the cloud.

Having adopted an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy, Progress knew in order to implement their ABM strategy at scale, they needed a technology solution that would help solve their three main marketing challenges. They wanted to determine how to:

  • Attract the right accounts at scale and with a limited budget
  • Engage visitors even though the majority of visitors were unknown
  • Accelerate prospects to revenue

The Solution:

Progress employed a full suite of Demandbase Account-Based Marketing (ABM) solutions to overcome the marketing and business challenges they faced.

To reach the right audience, Progress implemented an online advertising campaign to generate awareness around their new brand and to position themselves as a thought leader. While the campaign performed well, they noticed specific companies from their target account list were not responding to their ads. To solve this problem, they turned to Demandbase to implement an Account-Based Advertising campaign. To prove the concept, they focused on one key industry, Consumer Goods, and targeted approximately 200 companies. In addition, they re ned the messaging to speak directly to the Consumer Goods audience on both the ad and the corresponding landing page.

To engage both the known and anonymous visitors on their site, Progress utilized Demandbase Website Personalization to identify visitors by account and deliver a more relevant experience based the visitor’s profile. The first piece of the company’s personalization strategy was to serve up relevant messaging on the home page. Targeting four key industries, the Progress team personalized various aspects of the page to align with the users’ industry: the hero image, headline, body copy and customers showcased. The goal was to drive users deeper into the site, therefore the key measurement was “next page clicks”.

Progress also used Demandbase Website Personalization on their product pages. They leveraged the industry attribute to showcase relevant success stories and messages for each visitor’s industry and were able to use this attribute to prioritize the solutions featured on the product pages as well. This was an effective way to make sure the right content was getting in front of the right people. To measure this effort, they used “pages/session” and “exit rate” to assess the level of engagement. They were able to use the results as an opportunity to test out new messaging and imagery to get the best results.

To accelerate prospects through to purchase, Progress leveraged two key areas of interaction within the buyers’ journey: online chat and forms.

Using Demandbase to identify users, the company was able to create a unique chat experience to target accounts visiting their website. When a chat user from the target list was recognized, Progress served up a personalized message along with a photo and contact information for their account executive.

In addition, Progress used Demandbase Forms, integrated seamlessly into the company’s Eloqua instance, to help accelerate prospects through to purchase. This technology provided three key benefits: Progress could significantly reduce the number of fields on their forms since firmographic data is passed to Eloqua on the backend; they could prepopulate the forms to ease completion; and Progress could improve their data quality by capturing account-level data such as industry, company size, revenue and location.

The Results:

Embracing an ABM strategy across the entire funnel, Progress experienced significant lift in attraction, engagement and conversion of its high-value target audience.

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