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The Challenge

Optymyze is a worldwide provider of enterprise cloud applications and services for improving sales and channel performance. As an ABM-first marketing team, Optymyze is always looking for new and effective ways to build awareness and credibility for their offering within their target accounts and support sales throughout the funnel. But getting in front of those target accounts is easier said than done.

“Reach is always a challenge with digital advertising, and ABM, for all its benefits, makes that even more difficult, because you’re zeroing in on specific accounts.” says Renny Fidlon, VP of Marketing at Optymyze.

Meanwhile, there tends to be uncertainty as to whom within a given account is being targeted. “Many of the job title segments out there are based on inferred data,” he says. “You want to be sure you’re reaching your actual buyers, especially when you’re targeting a large enterprise, where there might be tens of thousands of employees but only a couple dozen people who are important to you.”

The Solution

Optymyze worked with Demandbase to build out a strategy that targeted 577 prioritized companies with display advertising, seeking to increase engagement with their site content from those accounts. The campaign used a combination of IP and cookie targeting to identify companies, and then intent signals to identify the members of the buying committee within those companies. Fidlon and his team created an audience profile with 80+ keywords that suggest intent for their solution, including the names of several competitors.

“Intent—people doing research—is a much stronger signal that they are part of a buying committee than their supposed title,” says Fidlon. “The people who are actually doing the research, forming the consideration set—that’s who we want to deliver our message to.”

Demandbase monitors content consumption behaviors from across the web to understand the intent patterns shown by companies and their individual employees. In filtering for the people within target accounts who are demonstrating intent behaviors that are relevant to Optymyze’s profile, and prioritizing high-intent individuals when bidding on impressions, Demandbase maximized the relevance of the campaign audience.

The Results

Optymyze’s campaign, which ran over the course of a month, reached 99.7% of targeted accounts. It also drew a majority of the accounts on Optymyze’s list closer into their orbit, generating clicks from 66% of target accounts. Optymyze’s cost-per-qualified-click with Demandbase was 36% lower than that of LinkedIn.

“Performance was really strong,” says Fidlon. “We were particularly impressed by the cost efficiency with which Demandbase brought qualified traffic onsite for us.”

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