MomentFeed Empowers Their Sales Team With Demandbase

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“Creating authentic and relevant experiences is part of our DNA. Only Demandbase is purpose-built to allow our sales team to do exactly that as we talk to and educate multiple prospects at our target accounts.”
Henning Gabrielsen
Strategic Sales Development Manager

The Head Scratcher

SaaS marketing organization MomentFeed is dedicated to creating authentic, intelligent, and automated experiences for their clients – some of the largest brands in the world.

As an organization focused on helping businesses like Starbucks, Jamba Juice, and Pizza Hut influence consumers on mobile throughout their digital buying journey, MomentFeed is dedicated to creating more relevant experiences to capture more mobile engagement. The team wanted to demonstrate that same commitment to authenticity within their own sales efforts as well.

However, MomentFeed’s sales team needed to change its selling methodology. The organization had invested in multiple pieces of technology to help engage with leads, including ToutApp, Ringlead, and DemandTools — but each handled only a small part of the process, didn’t enable a different message for each persona, and didn’t enable efficient engagement across multiple contacts.

With so much account activity data to dig through, the SDR team was struggling to see through the noise and understand what accounts matter, where to focus, and how to best engage them in tandem with the rest of their team.

What’d They Do?

As MomentFeed replaced their transactional tools with Demandbase, they began to see valuable changes. For example, SDRs could now send a targeted message to a key prospect on behalf of the appropriate AE, tailored to the challenges and concerns of each person’s role. This not only saved time, but it also enabled the company to scale their outreach more effectively, resulting in an increase in response rates.

“It was hard to determine who our SDRs should call without manual prioritization. As soon as we plugged in Demandbase, that information was visualized instantly, helping our AEs and SDRs stay focused and accountable.”

– Henning Gabrielsen, Strategic Sales Development Manager

The powerful lead-to-account matching within the Demandbase platform has also been pivotal to helping MomentFeed run account-focused plays with efficiency in a highly creative and collaborative team-selling environment.

“The capabilities of the Demandbase platform have eliminated a ton of time-consuming housekeeping work for our SDRs, helping them focus on outreach instead of lead management, and removing the noise from their daily focus. Demandbase’s lead-to-account matching has exceeded our expectations, with very little effort on our part.”

– Rick Gavin, Director of Demand Generation

How’d They Do?

Between SDRs and AEs, the MomentFeed sales team can now think more strategically about the way they conduct research into target accounts and identify opportunities to secure meetings.

SDRs are empowered to engage with target accounts at the appropriate time, with the right message to more easily book meetings for AEs. For the first time ever, data is packaged up in a way that helps the SDR not fight friction but drive more conversion and add more to top of funnel.

“Demandbase has improved my workflow and productivity, helping me to follow up with key contacts in my top accounts faster, and increasing engagement with prospects most likely to become customers.”

– Alec Trachtenberg, Sr. Enterprise Sales Development Representative

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