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lift in target account engagement

The Challenge

JLL is a leading professional services firm that specializes in real estate and investment management. Their vision is to reimagine the world of real estate, creating rewarding opportunities and amazing spaces where people can achieve their ambitions.

Prior to working with Demandbase, the JLL digital and marketing teams in EMEA were meeting their goals from a response perspective but it was difficult for them to determine the success of the overall campaign. The Marketing team could see what content was being downloaded from their website, but they had no visibility into the overall page traffic. They wanted a platform that would give them access to the right data to develop more strategic targeting plans and to facilitate a more comprehensive route to market.

The Solution

Finding the right solution and partner was paramount to JLL EMEA. The Digital team ran pilot programs with a variety of ABM solution providers; ultimately determining Demandbase was the most comprehensive end-to-end solution to meet their needs. The seamless integration with Google Analytics was a huge benefit as it enables their data to be easily accessed across organizations. To start, JLL has implemented the Demandbase ABM Platform and Targeting Solution, which allows them to now easily discover and manage audiences of target accounts, measure the progress of those accounts and engage them across the entire funnel.

After implementing Demandbase, the team’s approach towards advertising has become a lot more strategic. The Demandbase platform provides insight and data to drive content creation as well as create engaged audience groups or active buyers. They are also now able to understand where to customize content based on stage in the funnel, rather than develop one message for all groups across the funnel.

The Results

Realizing immediate value: Having such in-depth visibility and insight into each account has been beneficial. The Google Analytics integration allows the team to incorporate this new data into their already existing dashboards for all teams to access.

Painless implementation process: The Demandbase team was very hands on and extremely helpful, ensuring the team was up and running quickly without any delays.

Account-level intent data: The Demandbase Platform’s ability to drill down to account-level intent data has been helpful in educating internal stakeholders about who their audience is and the kinds of content they consume on their website.

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