DocuSign integrates multi-channel ABM with Demandbase

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For DocuSign, Account-Based Marketing means doing the work upfront. DocuSign’s Marketing team identifies the most opportunistic accounts, which allows the Sales team to have informed, relevant conversations with their top accounts. Leveraging Demandbase, DocuSign creates and refines their target account list and then takes it a step further using Demandbase Conversion Solution. By capturing on-site activity and off-site intent, Conversion sends account insights directly to Sales in real time.

ABM also means integrated marketing. While DocuSign uses Demandbase for advertising and retargeting, they also leverage LinkedIn, webinars, and more. After surrounding their target accounts with an integrated, multi-channel approach, they’re able to measure channel performance with ABM Analytics in the Demandbase ABM Platform.

According to Perri Garner, Director of ABM at DocuSign, the Demandbase difference comes down to account intelligence. Demandbase insights are richer compared to other partners. DocuSign is able to see exactly what webpages and content top accounts are viewing and how this changes over time.

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Perri Garner
Perri Garner
Director of ABM, DocuSign
The insights we’re able to see on our accounts is much richer than other partners. We can get a lot more detailed and granular from an account intelligence standpoint through the Demandbase platform.