Atmel Boosts Sales Opportunities 156% with Web Personalization


Atmel Corporation is a designer and manufacturer of semiconductors and microcontrollers powering an expansive array of digital devices. The company sells to multiple verticals including automotive, medical, consumer and industrial. Given the diversity of target audiences and a fiercely competitive industry, the Atmel marketing team was looking to drive engagement among vertical-specific accounts through digital marketing initiatives.


With a clear understanding of the accounts they wanted to reach, the Atmel marketing team piloted the Demandbase Website Personalization solution, which leverages patented IP identification technology. This technology enables companies to market to key accounts in real-time as people in those companies visit their website.

With Website Personalization, Atmel served up a unique web experience for each of their 200 target companies, customizing the homepage experience, messaging and content each of them saw. The pilot was very successful hitting triple digits in website engagement and 2X the industry benchmark for conversion, which Atmel defines as any interaction with messages on their site and gated content accessed by form fills. In addition, Atmel boosted the number of sample devices ordered by 34% — one of their key predictors of opportunity generation.

As the Atmel team experienced strong results from website personalization, they added Account-Based Advertising to attract more of their target vertical accounts from across the Internet. Once on the site, prospects and customers were served a personalized experience.

Prospects showed more buying signals:


Existing customers were interested in more products:


Additional benefits:

  • Timely identification of opportunities, which resulted in increased sales wins
  • Customized and seamless experience across advertising and website
  • Greater alignment between Sales & Marketing

“Attracting the accounts that our sales team values most – while serving up a unique web experience for those accounts – is exactly what we needed to differentiate ourselves in this business. When Sales and Marketing operate handin-hand like this, the impact is huge.”

Jeff Thommen, VP Global Sales, Key Accounts


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