Best-in-Class Account ID. For Free. For Real!

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December 1, 2022

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Best-in-Class Account ID. For Free. For Real!

Unknown web activity is a form of intent that has long been difficult to take action on, so most revenue teams simply ignore it. This is problematic. With 98% of web visits being unknown, operating without an account identification tool means you’re missing out on numerous opportunities, but don’t blame your web team.

Historically, options for account identification tools have been expensive and out of reach for most small to medium-sized businesses. This changes with the release of Demandbase’s Account ID Free Edition.

Access for All

By setting up Account ID Free Edition, you get immediate visibility into the companies visiting your website through the lens of eight firmographic attributes (no strings attached). 

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We’re talking about leveraging Demandbase’s industry-leading account identification technology, over a decade of ML/AI model training, and a combination of unique and first party data to reveal the accounts that are engaging with your brand. All with unparalleled accuracy.

Account ID Free Edition gives you access to this amazing technology on up to 25,000 monthly unique visitors at no cost and within your Google Analytics instance, making your web insights more actionable, convenient, and accessible.

Setup Could Not Be Easier 

We mean it. All you have to do is enter your website URL followed by your Google Analytics Tracking ID. 

Then you choose which of the eight available firmographic attributes you’d like to map to Google Analytics.

(Hint: Setup all eight — it’s free and your team gets more insights with no downside). 

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Lastly, you click one button so that we can check your tag to ensure it’s firing properly. That’s it! 

Crawl, Walk, Run

Account ID Free Edition is a fantastic option for companies looking to implement ABM tactics, like account identification, without having to make a large upfront investment. Our team suggests taking a crawl, walk, run approach when deploying an ABM strategy, and with no barriers to entry, there’s no longer an excuse to ignore high-priority accounts showing on-site intent. 

We don’t place limitations on how long you can view the appended data or when you receive these insights. It’s all in real time. And your team doesn’t need to comb through their email to find the reporting they need. 

All attributes you choose to track will show up immediately within your familiar Google Analytics views, enabling you to:

  • Understand traffic quality with greater precision, by channel
  • Notify sales of in-market intent shown by target accounts
  • Easily measure marketing campaign effectiveness

So what’s the wait? Click Here to sign up right now!

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Travis Breier

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Demandbase

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