Sales Accelerator

Give your sales team critical account insights to close business faster.

Get the full account picture, not just known contact activity

Most buyers have done 67% or more of their research before making themselves known, only 3% of all your website visitors ever fill out a form. Sales Accelerator closes these gaps with website activity tracking at the account level. You get visibility on anonymous visitors, deeper understanding of the full buying committee’s activity, and earlier clues on points of interest.

Create Sales & Marketing alignment

Sales Accelerator helps Marketing provide activity info on accounts that matter most to Sales. It creates transparency with account-based marketing and advertising campaigns, and a consistent data set across Sales and Marketing. Perhaps most important, these insights are automatically delivered to where Sales lives – CRM.

Drive immediate action in the field

Sales Accelerator dashboards give Sales Reps clear indicators of spikes in engagement and trends over time. This data is native to Salesforce so you can build reports at the territory or dept. level. Sales Accelerator can be configured to push Chatter feed posts and/or emails that automatically notify Sales when their accounts spike. And it all works perfectly on mobile devices in the Salesforce1 app.


Access account website metrics directly in Salesforce


See how accounts are engaging with your site


Track spikes and buying signals by account


View and request advertising campaigns

  • Blue Coat Systems,
  • NetApp,
  • Limelight Networks,
  • Manu KaushikBlue Coat · Director, Marketing Operations

    "Demandbase empowers businesses by making the lead generation process efficient and seamless. Our form conversion rates have increased as a result of shorter web forms. Plus, the additional company level information that we received in an automated manner from Demandbase helps our lead scoring and qualification."

  • Aki UenoNetApp · Product Manager, Marketing Automation

    "It sounds obvious in theory, but it's harder in practice: relevant message, right visitor, right time equals better results. You can only achieve this with Sweet Spot Marketing and Demandbase"

  • Tom KahanaLimelight Network · Senior Director of Marketing Operations

    "Using Demandbase we have increased our conversion rate by 30%. Our lead scoring and routing are more efficient and our sales and mar

Blue Coat Systems, 

web security and WAN specialists, increases conversion rates by up to 40% with Company Identification from Demandbase.
The Results
  • Boosted form submissions by 30-40%
  • Help standardize acquisition of company-level information

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NetApp, When network storage giant, NetApp implemented Demandbase, they saw better conversions, downloads and engagement.

The Results
  • Increased product demo engagement 30%
  • Boosted downloads 39%
  • Gained 83% lift in navigation to deeper product pages

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Limelight Networks, Using Demandbase, Limelight Networks have increased conversion rate by 30%. Our lead scoring and routing are more efficient and our sales and marketing teams are better aligned for success.

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