Web Analytics

Turn your Web Analytics into a company-focused,
B2B measurement engine

The Power of Web Analytics

Make your analytics data useful and actionable
Demandbase connects into existing web analytics solution to give you deeper insight into the identity of your website visitors, turning it into a B2B-relevant tool. Instead of counting page views from anonymous traffic, identify the companies that are visiting your website and see which pages they're consuming.
Segment traffic by industry, revenue, employees and more
Automatically push 45+ company attributes into your analytics tool and filter website metrics by audience classification, industry, company name, revenue, employees, and more. You can also add your own 1st party data, and take advantage of premium attributes like Tech Insights to expose the technologies in use at the companies visiting your site.
Align with Sales—and the rest of the company
By focusing your marketing goals on companies and measuring impact on the accounts you value most, you’re putting your efforts in direct alignment with Sales. You’re also able to more clearly connect marketing efforts to revenue, and show which programs result in closed deals.

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