Live Chat

Turn Chat into a tool for converting the right prospects and customers

The Power of Live Chat

Make live chat more effective and less wasteful
With Demandbase you can proactively offer chat only to visitors at target accounts, and efficiently route chat sessions to sales or support. Your chat reps will see full company details about the visitor, including any first-party data you integrate, creating a more intelligent conversation that’s more likely to end in success.
Take advantage of opportunities with the accounts you’ve been waiting for
Use chat to proactively engage target accounts and customers the minute they hit your website. You can also create high-touch experiences for your customers and quickly resolve support issues. Instead of relying on your content to do all the heavy lifting or on your ability to stimulate a return visit, use chat to make the most of the attention you’ve won already.
Improve conversions with intelligent engagement
With full company details and first-party data on your target accounts, your chat reps will know how to approach each session. They can more effectively address prospects’ and customers’ key concerns, deliver the right message, and help move them forward in their buying process. Our chat clients have seen as much as a 300% increase in conversions.

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