Demandbase + Marketing Automation = More of the Leads You Want

Shorter forms give you more leads

Shorten forms to 5 fields, and still get detailed company information passed directly into your lead database. Our clients see an average 8.5% increase for each field eliminated.

Triple-verified company identification

Demandbase Forms rely on our unmatched, patented identification technology to provide company details. We also send an API call when the buyer fills out their business email address. Lastly, we recommend including our proprietary Company Name drop-down field that dynamically displays standardized company names as the visitor types. When data sets match, you have rock-solid leads.

More manageable database with standardized and normalized data

Most marketing databases suffer from messy data due to typos, name variations, and other issues. Lead data from Demandbase Forms is standardized and normalized. We’ve cleansed and prepared it specifically for optimal marketing and sales usage.

  • DocuSign,
  • NetApp
  • Meagen EisenbergDocuSign · VP of Demand Generation

    "With Demandbase Targeting & Personalization platform, DocuSign could dynamically deliver the right message to our target accounts at the right time in their buying cycle, increasing our sales pipeline 22%."

  • Aki UenoNetApp · Product Manager, Marketing Automation

    "It sounds obvious in theory, but it's harder in practice: relevant message, right visitor, right time equals better results. You can only achieve this with Sweet Spot Marketing and Demandbase."

DocuSign,  leader in eSignature transaction created a personalized experience for target segments, using Demandbase.

The Results 
  • Increased average time on site by more than eight minutes
  • Boosted page views by over %300
  • Tripled click-through rate

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NetApp When network storage giant, NetApp implement demandbase, they saw better conversions, downloads and engagement.

The Results
  • Increase product demo engagement 30%
  • Boosted downloads 39%
  • Gained 83% lift in navigation to deeper product pages.

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