Marketing Automation

Execute an Account-Based Marketing strategy directly
in your marketing automation system

The Power of Account-Based Marketing Automation

Enrich and optimize your contact data
B2B buyers are revolutionizing their B2B approach with a more efficient, effective approach with powerful B2B data right inside Oracle Eloqua. Easily eliminate duplicate records and reconcile your contact data with business information for each individual record – easily scalable and manageable. Move from a traditional, individual based marketing approach, to an Account-Based Marketing one so you can better align your sales and marketing strategies.
Execute Account-Based Marketing nurture campaigns
By incorporating ABM data into your Marketing Automation System, you have a much better understanding of who your buyer is and when/how to engage them. Nurture them through the entire B2B buyer's journey by being able to identify and target by accounts, market to them directly and convert them into customers.
Accelerate conversions and drive revenue through qualified marketing leads
Increase conversions by eliminating online form fields and dynamically append submissions with more accurate and standard account data. Shorten forms to as few as 5 fields, and still get detailed company information such as company name, industry, company size and other B2B attributes for each contact passed directly into Oracle Eloqua.
Organize individual contacts by account
Expand the Account functionality within Oracle Eloqua by creating account layers that organize your individual contacts into account sets. Identify and detect buying signal activities by account with Account Score early in the buying cycle, so that you have the best chance to take action and turn them into customers.

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