Account-Based Retargeting

Read buying signals from companies on your website
and retarget them with display ads that drive revenue

The Power of Account-Based Retargeting

Move advertising from tactical to strategic
The B2B buying process is long and companies can go months without showing any signs of activity on your website. But when they do start to engage with your site, there’s a small window for you to impact the account. With an always on approach, you can retarget the companies that matter most to your business.
Make buying signals actionable
You identify the companies on your site over time and monitor their activity for custom buying signals that programmatically trigger advertising. We set custom, account-level thresholds for page views, frequency of visits and high value content that, once satisfied, trigger a retargeting campaign.
Accelerate company movement from consideration to conversion
Capturing buying signals from only the most qualified companies in real-time is crucial so you can get in front of them during their most active consideration period. Retarget these companies showing active buying intent with personalized messages to accelerate conversions while efficiently spending your advertising dollars.

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