You’re Not Alone: 15 ABM Confessions

This year, the theme of our ABM Innovation Summit was “Get Real.” Our goal was really to go beyond the basics of ABM and encourage speakers and attendees alike to share their honest takes on the strategy (and all the excitement and headaches that come along with it). It was important that attendees walked away feeling like they weren’t alone and that they had a growing community to help them overcome obstacles and reach their ABM goals.

So in the spirit of saying true to that theme, we asked conference attendees to share how they really felt about ABM at our Confessional Booth. From challenges and missteps to utter failures and big wins, here are a few of the best responses:

“Our sales team switched to an account-based model and didn’t even tell us!!” – Beka, Marketing Director

“My secret ABM fear is the great progression and success we’d had won’t be recognized and my executives will stop their ABM pursuit.” – Nikki, ABM Marketing

“I used to be afraid of personalization. Not anymore!” – Amanda, Marketing

“I wish Sales would think about the ABM initiative as their own business, not a crazy marketing idea.” – Aleksandra, Marketing Campaigns Team Lead

“My favorite thing about ABM is that it’s like a marriage counselor for sales & marketing. For marketing to be successful, they need to think like sales, and sales needs to support marketing.” – Tim, CEO & Founder

“I really think ABM is changing the marketing game. ABM allows a company to get targeted with their own approach. Now marketers can get in front of the accounts that matter.” – Camille, Marketing Specialist

“I thought ABM was just targeted advertising.” – Sr, Marketing Comms Manager”

“My secret ABM fear is that it’s like a house of cards… one piece falls apart and it falls apart, and I lose credibility.” – Anu, Field Marketing Manager

“I sent a direct mail piece and called it ABM.” – Jeff, Marketing Ops

“ABM helped our sales team shorten their sales cycle with our largest most important accounts and has also enabled our marketing team to slow down and think and strategize about our marketing efforts. ABM has brought sanity to my team.” – Kristen, Marketing Manager

How do you really feel about ABM? Share your confession with us on Twitter with the hashtag #ABMConfessions, and we just might feature yours in an upcoming blog post!

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