Why We’re Excited to Bring ABM to Dreamforce

Just over a month ago, we moved into our new office at 3rd and Folsom in San Francisco. On our move in date, a number of things went through our minds:
1. Whoa! So much space!
2. Wait. Where’s my desk?
3. Made-to-Order crepes? Cool!
4. We are right around the corner from Moscone… so what should we do for Dreamforce?

Okay, so #4 may have come a day or two later, but suffice it to say, the proximity to ground zero for Dreamforce got our marketing team’s creative juices flowing! So we’ve pulled together an amazing set of learning and networking activities for you with Account-Based Marketing (ABM) in mind, to augment your learnings from your trip to Dreamforce! ABM is a term that’s certainly top of mind for the most progressive B2B Marketers, but it is becoming a must have strategy to win in today’s B2B marketplace! Getting your Sales and Marketing teams aligned on the same set of accounts will allow you as a marketer to focus your time, effort and budget on the accounts that matter most to your organization, directly impacting that all important revenue number.

Interested? Well, on September 15th-17th we’ve put together a series of four workshops that will help kick-start your thinking about ABM, and provide you with the tools to start assembling an ABM strategy for your organization.

Sales and Marketing Alignment: Bridging the Great Divide through ABM
Why come to this session: You’re not sure what ABM is or that your organization can even take advantage of it. (hint: you can!)

Fundamentals of ABM: Preparing your Organization for ABM Success
Why come to this session: You’ve decided ABM is right for you, and now you’re wondering where to get started. (hint: attend this session)

Driving Results Across the Funnel with ABM
Why come to this session: Marketing’s on-board with an ABM strategy? Check! Sales is on-board? Check! Now how do you take advantage of ABM all the way throughout your funnel? (hint: start at the top)

Driving Results through Advertising for an ABM Strategy
Why come to this session: You’re not getting the right companies to your website, but are at a loss as to how to get them there! (hint: display advertising)

Check out the full descriptions and times, and register for any or all of these session here! Want to join us for other ABM-themed fun during Dreamforce – happy hours, exec breakfasts, demos and more? Check out our full line up of activities.