Why We’re Excited for Oracle Interact 2014

Why-Were-Excited-for-Oracle-Interact-2014-lgDemandbase is proud to be a Gold Sponsor at this year’s Oracle Marketing Cloud Interact 2014 show in our hometown, San Francisco. As the sponsor of the Targeting track, we look forward to sharing our thoughts, tips and tricks with B2B marketers for attracting, engaging and converting their target accounts. From advertising, through content personalization and finally converting those prospects into highly qualified leads, we can show you how get to your most valued prospects into your sales pipeline.

We’re also looking forward to a number of the sessions during the show. First off, we’re looking forward to the first keynote of the show, John Stetic and Steve Krause, outlining the power and reach of the newly minted Oracle Marketing Cloud. Next, fresh off her appearance at Demandbase’s own Marketing Innovation Summit in May, Laura Ramos will discuss converting buyers across the marketing lifecycle. Laura is always full of pearls of wisdom, so this is a session not to miss. Finally, we have a number of customers that will be speaking throughout the event, and given what we know about their B2B marketing strategies, you will want to hear how they’ve put B2B marketing theory into practice.

While we’ll be floating around the event Wednesday through Friday, there are some places you are guaranteed to find Demandbase:

  1. At our Breakout Session – July 17, 1:15-2:00pm, Moscone West 3016 – If You’re Not Doing Account-Based Marketing, You’re Doing it Wrong – Account-based marketing is fast becoming the B2B strategy of choice. B2B Marketers are realizing that marketing to large quantities of individuals doesn’t result in quality sales opportunities. Those who have made the switch have seen tremendous results by focusing their efforts on attracting, engaging, converting and measuring the companies who are most likely to buy. Demandbase’s CMO Peter Isaacson will provide an overview of account-based marketing. Then Cristin Colling, [your title] from RGIS, will talk about her marketing team’s greatest challenges, their adoption of account-based marketing and the technologies that have helped them execute a successful ABM strategy.
  2. In the Partner Pavilion – The Partner Pavilion will be open for more than 17 hours over the course of the show…and we’ll be there the whole time! Be sure to swing by our booth to get the inside scoop on the B2B Marketing Cloud, to talk Account-based Marketing and to get a demo of our newest offering – Performance Manager.
  3. At our Party – We’ve rented out a swanky location near the Moscone to host our own fete, complete with fabulous cocktails and Silicon Valley signature tech gadgets to get your creative juices flowing! Be sure to pre-register, though, as it is bound to sell out!
  4. And we’ll all be singing “Tiiiiiiinnnn Rooooooof. Rusted” with the 90’s party staple, the B52s on Thursday night!

We look forward to seeing you all at Oracle Interact 2014!