Why We Wrote a Book on ABM: 4 Years in the Making

What do you do when you and two colleagues have practiced Account-Based Marketing (ABM) for a combined 25+ years, participated in 1000+ customer and 2000+ prospect meetings, conducted 100+ ABM workshops and certified over 3000 ABM Experts, delivered hundreds of industry presentations, and are looking for something to do on our weekends? You write a book.

And that is exactly what Chris Golec, Founder and CEO of Demandbase, Jessica Fewless, VP of ABM Strategy, Demandbase, and I did. The three of us are excited and proud to announce the publication of Account Based Marketing: How to Target and Engage the Companies that will Grow Your Revenue.

The three of us have known for a long time that we have the experience and knowledge to write the definitive book on ABM. In fact, Jessica and I have been talking about it for almost four years. But we are all glad that we waited. This book is fundamentally different from what we would have written four years ago. That’s because ABM has evolved so much in that time. Honestly, in 2015, we were still developing the best practices that would define ABM. How to identify accounts, how to execute campaigns across the funnel and across channels, how to engage your sales team, and how to measure results. With the help of hundreds of extremely talented customers, partners and thought leaders, we have come a long way in a few years.

The technology has completely changed in that time as well. How we identify target accounts using intent, how we reach buying committees at those accounts, how we deliver insights to sales teams, and how we integrated into other partners in the ABM ecosystem. All of this has completely evolved in the past couple of years.

Also, four years ago we might have written a book about the What and Why of ABM. Meaning, what is it and why should you do it. At that point, the market was still full of skeptics- they needed to understand what ABM was, and be convinced that ABM was real. But that is no longer the case in 2019. The market has formed. The category exists (just ask Forrester). And B2B marketers have shifted from what and why, to how?

And that’s what this book is about. It is a practical guide, by practitioners, for practitioners, with the best practices for how to develop and execute a world class ABM strategy.

In large part, the timing of this book reflects that ABM as category has truly arrived. This itself was no small feat. In mid 2014, Chris, Jessica and I officially made “ABM Category Creation” one of the core strategic pillars of the company. And since then, we’ve taken a steady, but expansive approach to building ABM as a category. Creating workshops, certification programs and industry presentations. Engaging the media, analysts, B2B marketers and other thought leaders. Watching other ABM vendors emerge and hoping they succeed (but not too much) – because a category of one ain’t a category! All of this played a role in creating ABM as a category. And now that it’s here, it was clear to a publisher like Wiley that there was a market for this book.

So that’s the back story. Check out the book. Buy a few extra for your team. Form a book club. We hope that you’ll find it useful as you develop and execute a world class ABM strategy!

Thought Leader, B2B Marketing & Sales Strategy

I have over 25 years of Marketing experience in job responsibilities ranging from Branding and Advertising to Corporate Communications and Product Marketing. And I have deep experience in both B2C and B2B Marketing and managing large teams across international markets. As CMO at Demandbase, I was responsible for overall Marketing strategy and execution, including Product, Corporate, and Field Marketing. Prior to that, I was CMO at Castlight Health and held leadership positions at Microstrategy and Adobe. I got my start in Advertising, working at agencies in New York on accounts ranging from Procter & Gamble to Compaq computers.