Why We Are Excited to Join Path Forward

Over the course of the last two years, I’ve seen Demandbase go through a massive wave of growth. We’ve added a lot of great talent, and a large part of this is due to our hiring philosophy—which is centered around our four core values: 

Innovation – thinking outside of the box to create a passionate employee centric organization and culture

Customer success – hiring world-class talent to better serve our customers and continually exceed their expectations

People and community – establishing a company mission based on trust and respect for our co-workers, customers, partners and the world wide community that allows us this opportunity

Execution – building an amazing culture and high performance organization with emphasis on being open minded, authentic and accepting of all types of backgrounds and experiences

We strive to embody these pillars in everything we do—from the people we hire to the organizations we work with. So when we first heard about Path Forwarda non-profit organization that helps people get back to work after taking a career break for caregiving, we knew that it was the right fit for our team and culture. Path Forward offers paid internships at a number of leading companies in the bay area, along with the training, tools and support members need as they navigate their new roles.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of their mission. We believe that the Demandbase environment will be very attractive to these returning professionals, and we’re eager to leverage their skills and experience to grow the Demandbase community.

We’re offering the following positions from October – February:

Customer Success Associate

Software Engineer

Marketing Associate

Customer Marketing Specialist

Interested in applying? You can learn more about the Demandbase culture here.