When B2B Content Gets Personal

We have probably all been there – shopping online or downloading an eBook when we see one of those “people that bought/read this also looked at…” messages — and the suggestion is often exactly what we were looking for. That is personalized marketing done beautifully and people like it because, one way or another, it makes the experience more relevant to our needs.

The concept also applies to the B2B industry, albeit often very differently than what people might expect from their personal shopping experience. That’s why we are so pleased that our focus on helping B2Bs implement content personalization has earned us a spot in GigaOM’s Sector RoadMap: Content personalization in 2013 report, as one of the strongest vendors in the emerging personalization marketplace. And the only one providing account-based personalization for B2B companies.

Matt Muligan, GigaOM’s digital media strategist who authored the report, nailed it when he explained that the biggest problem with B2B websites today is that buyers use them to research products and services, but many times these websites are not optimized to help them find the content that is actually relevant to their needs. A recent Digital Optimization Survey performed for Adobe by Econsultancy echoes this point: only 22 percent of companies said they used the profile or behavior of visitors to drive personalization of their site content.

Most companies still expect their prospects to reach out for support and guidance, but the modern B2B buyer evaluates products and services independently before deciding if they want to be contacted. The way they research has changed, but the way they buy is often still the same and requires that in-person connection that makes them feel special – and we’re so proud to empower B2B marketers to build sites that are highly personalized and targeted, fully leveraging the capabilities of account-based B2B content personalization.