What’s So Badass About Demandbase’s Solution for B2B Advertising?

Today, I’m excited to share with you a major milestone for Demandbase and the entire B2B marketing industry–the next generation Demandbase Targeting Solution. And I don’t think it’s too bold to say that it’s the most badass release we’ve done to date. We’re finally solving the two biggest problems that have plagued B2B advertisers for years: 1) Reaching the people who really matter, and 2) showing the ROI of account-based advertising.

Think about the problems faced up until now. Marketers can cast a broad net and purchase cookie-based profile and job title data that’s often horrendously inaccurate, resulting in millions of dollars of wasted advertising spend. And while LinkedIn can pinpoint the right folks, most advertisers need more scale than LinkedIn alone can provide.

It’s been a choice: precision versus scale. Now, B2B advertisers can have both. And the kicker? Our SaaS based platform delivers complete transparency, so you can understand exactly how your advertising is performing. From traditional campaign metrics like CPMs and click through rates, to business metrics like pipeline and closed deals.

Demandbase first ensures we can confidently target the right accounts by mapping billions of data signals to address of millions of companies. We then find the members of a buying committee by using artificial intelligence to sift through individual signals–what people are reading, what they are researching, and understanding how those keywords are connected to your company’s products. The result is the most sophisticated intent-based buyer signals ever created. These are the individuals showing who are in-market for a solution like yours.

Once the campaign is running, we want to arm marketers with the data they need to report on campaign ROI as well as engagement. A funnel-based dashboard traces the progress of an account as they move through your marketing programs and into the hands of sales and reports on “cost per engaged account” which is a new metric that our advertisers are using to determine the effectiveness of their ad budgets. We can take these insights farther down the sales process when the dashboards with a super-simple Salesforce integration.

There are a few other things we threw in to help make your advertising more impactful. We’ve surfaced the intent keywords we’ve discovered that are most relevant with your buyers. And we’ve taken particular care to ensure the safety of your brand. Like any CMO, I’m incredibly protective of the Demandbase brand and I know how damaging it can be if our ads appeared on a site with questionable content. That’s why we have identified and fully vetted more than 5,000 whitelist sites—from CNN to The New York Times, Slate, Glassdoor, and Bloomberg—and continue to do this on a daily basis.

Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that Account-Based Marketing is more than just “advertising.” Targeting is a crucial component that simply hasn’t had a great solution. We’re aiming to change everything B2B marketers have had to endure with digital advertising. No more wasted clicks or advertising dollars. With the launch of Targeting Solution today, we can’t wait to see the differences—and impressions—that will be made.

See it in action:

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