What Makes a CRM Idol?


Recent Forrester research found that 75% of the buying cycle is completed before sales is engaged, leaving today’s buyers in the driver’s seat for the majority of the buying cycle while vendors have diminishing opportunity to influence and engage. Another recent study found that 67% of the buyer’s journey is now done digitally, emphasizing the significance of marketing presence and engagement throughout all stages of the buying cycle.

Cognizant B2B marketers understand that CRM takes on a really new meaning in this new paradigm. The “Customer Relationship” begins well before the sales cycle begins. B2B marketers have an increasingly critical role to play in the early stages of the customer relationship in engaging with buyers and providing them the information, content and attention they desire in the earlier stages. And more and more of them are leveraging the Demandbase targeting and personalization platform to improve customer engagement and conversion.

The solution works by identifying a website’s visitor in real time and therefore enabling marketers to provide optimized experiences at the targeted account level. Marketers measure engagement and conversion at the account and segment level and are able to deliver tailored experiences and content anywhere on the web based on company information – such as company name and size, industry, and more – in real-time. The platform brings the whole buyer experience optimization to the marketers by linking account performance to revenue in their CRM application. This enables marketers to personalize and influence the sales cycle throughout the whole funnel and target their most valuable accounts, leading them to revenue.

In a competition that kicked off last month, Demandbase took the mark alongside 43 other companies in the quest to be named 2013’s CRM Idol. In light of the recent studies suggesting the quantum shift in buyer behavior and Customer Relationship Management, it is inspiring and exciting to participate in a contest with fellow marketing strategists as we navigate and fine-tune our response to the marketing revolution.

The competition, now in its third year, is an annual contest that provides CRM industry businesses an opportunity for exposure in front of major influencers [Paul Greenberg, @PGreenbe] and analysts, obtain invaluable resources and advice. Beyond that, the competition promotes conversation around the topic of CRM and invites contestants to socialize, and get creative! We look forward to being a part of the conversation and competition – good luck to all fellow contestants!