What I Love Lucy and MarTech Have in Common: #B2Bmarketing

In November of 2015, Demandbase hosted over 150 B2B Marketers in 6 cities as part of our ABM Impact Tour. This was the perfect opportunity to hear what B2B Marketers in the field are saying about Account-Based Marketing while learning from thought leaders and swapping ideas and stories of their own!  Here is what we learned from our clients, prospects, partners and new B2B friends.

Quality over Quantity

It is time to rethink how Marketing passes leads to Sales. Sales teams are asking for account intelligence rather than the next batch of MQLs. A local Bostonian and Demandbase client from Veracode, Patty Foley-Reid, created one of our favorite moments of the tour.  She compared Sales Development Rep’s roles to the famous chocolate scene from “I Love Lucy,” where SDRs just can’t keep up with the volume of marketing activities, so sometimes they are forced to, “Eat a lead or two.”  With ABM you can help control that volume with higher quality leads.

Meanwhile, Bob Peterson of SiriusDecisions shared how Marketing can help Sales add additional value by conditioning an account before, during and after a sales cycle.  We also heard how personalization is becoming a significant play in ABM and how data can be a powerful driver in delivering relevant content at the right time.

ABM Impact


More B2B Marketers are aware of, using and seeing success with ABM than ever before. 84% of marketers say that ABM delivers higher ROI than any other marketing approach. But this stat gets our eyes twinkling…96% of B2B companies said ABM has an impact on Marketing’s overall success!

We heard from ABM pioneers across multiple tour stops that ABM is no longer a buzzword in B2B marketing. This strategy is rapidly becoming the new normal and marketing and sales teams are sitting down as you read this to better align their efforts. Anka Jedry holds the title Account Based Marketer (how cool is that?!) at Dell and is aligning with her clients to create a customer-centric business strategy with relevant value. In Chicago, she shared how hands-on ABM Marketers can expect to strategize, juggle and connect dots when it comes to working with peers and packaging actionable intelligence.

ABM Impact

Intertwine Strategy & Technology

We were pleased to have Scott Brinker of Chiefmartec join us during the first half of the tour to share his State of the B2B Marketing Tech Stack. Scott encouraged attendees to take a look at their existing marketing pile and transform that into a true marketing technology stack that complements their organization’s ABM strategy. He shared that 87% of marketers say that marketing technology aids in the overall improvement of marketing performance – thus, IMPACTING revenue.  Beware of the dreaded FrankenSTACK!

ABM Impact

Ready for more ABM?

ABM is not a strategy companies are adding to their 2016 wish lists but rather a top priority for B2B companies of all sizes and in a variety of industries. Check out the second half of the ABM IMPACT TOUR to see how you too can learn actionable insights and network with local B2B Marketers in your city over tasty appetizers and cocktails!

Attended the tour in November? We’re coming back to your city in Q1 with our ABM Workshops, so join us again to start building an ABM strategy for your organization!

ABM Impact

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