Video: How Atmel Achieved Account-Based Marketing Excellence

This year at the Marketing Innovation Summit for B2B, we announced the winners of the first annual Ace Awards. The Ace Awards include three categories of B2B marketing excellence: Digital Marketing, Account-Based Marketing and Account-based Advertising. We’re excited to share videos from our winners, sharing how they used marketing technology in unique ways to significantly improve their B2B marketing performance.

Today, we’re featuring Atmel, the winner of the Account-Based Marketing Excellence Award.

With Demandbase’s Account-Based Marketing technology, Atmel developed personalized ads and tailored messaging for each of its target customers to help increase engagement earlier on in the buying cycle. As a result, Atmel experienced higher levels of visibility into the buying cycle of its target accounts and realized greater yields in engagement and conversion rates. The company also experienced an increase of 53 percent in asset downloads and expanded opportunities for their tier one accounts by close to 10 percent year-over-year.