Video: CSC’s Most Successful Display Advertising Campaign

This year at the Marketing Innovation Summit for B2B, we announced the winners of the first annual Ace Awards. The Ace Awards include three categories of B2B marketing excellence: Digital Marketing, Account-Based Marketing and Account-based Advertising. We’re excited to share videos from our winners, sharing how they used marketing technology in unique ways to significantly improve their B2B marketing performance.

Today, we’re featuring CSC, the winner of the Account-Based Advertising Excellence Award.

CSC kicked off a campaign called “Let It In” that aimed to shed light on the way enterprises are approaching IT in every industry and region across the world. As part of the campaign strategy, CSC leveraged Demandbase’s proprietary IP identification technology to directly target 300 key accounts. This allowed CSC to act in real-time and serve personalized creative to the contacts that were identified as key accounts and prospects. As a result of those efforts, the company ran their most successful campaign ever, generating over 5,000 leads and close to one billion dollars in pipeline revenue.