10 Step Checklist to Unify Sales & Marketing for ABM Success

If there is one golden rule to ensure success with Account-Based Marketing, it’s that silos don’t work. In an account-based world, landing the biggest, highest-value accounts can only be achieved when the revenue-generating disciplines of Sales and Marketing are unified. Here’s a worksheet to launch your ABM program and help your Sales and Marketing teams coordinate tactics and strategies to ensure successful account-based plays. (Keep it in your toolkit: Download the Unify Sales & Marketing for ABM Success worksheet.)

Take these 10 steps to ensure Sales and Marketing unity:
    1. Identify your ABM leadership team, including your executive sponsor, target account list owner, the analyst, and key stakeholders from Marketing and Sales.
    2. Be a tester, not a cheerleader. Position the program as a new, collaborative, and ongoing approach to acquire and expand big accounts, not as “the next big marketing campaign.”
    3. Get senior executive buy-in. Your ABM team will need the understanding and support of leadership. Propose starting off with a pilot program and commit to testing effectiveness objectively.
    4. Identify your Target Account List. Don’t just agree on the accounts to target, agree on the criteria for choosing accounts, and the governance about when to add or remove accounts.
    5. Measure success. Agree on short, medium, and long-term metrics that everyone will track together. And agree on the metrics that don’t matter. Document this.
    6. Get everyone aligned. Get everyone in the respective units to pull together in the right direction. Make sure the account executives, sales development reps, and marketers are 100% committed to this strategy. Anything less is a recipe for friction and failure.
    7. Create audiences and prioritize them. Rank your audiences by level of priority so that Sales and Marketing can agree on where to focus resources for personalized campaigns based on a one-to-one, one-to-few, and one-to-many approach.
    8. Go multi-touch and multi-channel. The days of a linear buyer’s journey are long gone. Orchestrate complex, multi-step plays to engage key members of the buying committee who are showing intent and engagement, and lead them to conversion.
    9. Meet regularly. Hold weekly ABM alignment meetings in the early stages, relaxing to monthly meetings as the machine starts to turn.
    10. Be transparent. Let everyone know what’s happening. Tell the Sales and Marketing teams about what you’ll be doing and how they can help. Market your Marketing.
These top 10 items should be on every B2B marketer’s to-do list.

Make sure you’ve checked every step off the list for the coordinated execution of your Marketing plays. Download the worksheet Unify Sales & Marketing for ABM Success and refer back to it whenever you need a little realignment!

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