Top 20 in 2020: The Best Blogs to Supercharge Your Future B2B Sales & Marketing

I’ve heard 2020 be called by many names. My favorite: It was a watershed year. (Most other names aren’t as forgiving.)

Relegated to the bedrooms, basements, living rooms, and dining rooms of our homes, we in B2B Sales and Marketing needed to find better, digital ways to commune with our customers. We had to shift our go-to-market strategies to an inbound-first approach. And we were aided by advancements in technology that grew (some say six times) faster than any prior year.

And we wrote about it.

A lot.

Here are the 20 blogs on B2B were read the most over the course of 2020. They illustrate nicely how we all experienced the year in Sales and Marketing. And, if past is prologue, they include nuggets of wisdom we should take with us to supercharge our pipeline in 2021 and beyond.

Take a seat, and dive in …


Your Target Accounts Are Working from Home? Demandbase Has the Answer.

Not all B2B identification and targeting are the same. With employees working from home, the difference is sharper than ever. Is your B2B digital program ready to address the new normal?


7 Tips to Prepare B2B Marketers for the New Reality

The Coronavirus is continuing to have a major impact across our society and economy. So, how should B2B marketers operate in this new reality? Here’s a list of seven tips to help you navigate this challenging environment.


5 Smart Plays for Effective Sales Development During a Crisis, A Personal Journey

Here are five smart plays I’ve used to become a better Sales Development leader during the crisis created by COVID-19.


The Most Powerful Account Identification in ABM? Demandbase Just Built It

Demandbase breaks industry standards in account identification — enhancing match rate and accuracy to reach buying teams working remotely.


The Ultimate B2B Sales and Marketing Guide for Selling in a Pandemic

How to pivot strategy on a dime and find Sales leads that will buy. Advanced tactics to find and engage prospects that want to buy now.


Sales Scoop: How I Went from SDR to AE in One Year (Doing Personalization and the Little Things Right)

Sales is a job where you need to really just take it one day at a time. Do the little things right, ask questions, don’t cut corners, and always strive to be one percent better every day.


Top Reasons Why a B2B DSP is Better than a B2C DSP (with video)

Here’s why Demandbase’s customized B2B DSP provides more value to Marketing strategy and performance than B2C DSPs.


5 Daily ABM Tasks for Digital Marketing

Find out the top 5 daily tasks you should be doing as a Digital Marketer to amplify your ABM strategy.


Demandbase One: Fusing the Best of Inbound and ABM for Modern B2B Marketers

What Marketing and Sales teams need is one, single solution that delivers AND not OR. By this, I mean a no-compromise solution that combines the engageability of inbound marketing AND the precision and targeting of ABM.


The Future of B2B is Changing. Are You Ready?

It’s time to change the conversation around B2B marketing. The future of B2B is dependent on our ability as marketers to work with sales as a team at every stage of the account journey. Will you adapt?


The Surprising State of ABM in 2020

Drumroll, please. The 2020 ABM Market Research Survey is here. Nearly 900 professionals from Marketing and Sales participated in the study.


6 Tips to Unify Sales and Marketing: Nail Your B2B Go-to-Market

Marketing and Sales team unification means they will move as one, seamlessly sharing insights, coordinating every activity, and measuring what matters.


Strengthening Corporate Culture in a WFH World

How do you keep a dynamic, social, and diverse culture alive when everyone is working from home? Here’s how.


How to ABM Like a Boss (Part 1): Build a Budget

The success of ABM is driving demand for increased investment. How should a B2B Marketing leader think about budgeting for ABM? We break it down.


Sales Scoop: Humanizing the Prospecting and Selling Process to Stand Out

Now more than ever it’s important to stand out. Gone are the “hope all is well” days. It’s time to say hello to the age of humanization.


Demandbase + Engagio: B2B Will Never Be the Same

Read why the combination of Demandbase and Engagio is a game-changer for the ABM ecosystem and for the wider B2B market and how we will deliver the definitive, no-compromise ABM Platform.


10 Books to Make You a Better Marketer

Ask countless uber-successful people about the key to their success, they’ll tell you it’s reading. Reading allows us to stand on the shoulders of giants.


Sales Scoop: Tips for Personalization Within Buying Committees, A Key Outreach Strategy in the 1:Few

Personalizing content to what matters most to your accounts reinforces why they need your product or service and your personal credibility.


Helping Clients Achieve Their ABM Goals: Meet Megan Anderson, VP of Customer Success

Megan shares, “I’ve experienced firsthand immense change and innovation at Demandbase. I’ve never been more excited about the team and the product we have.”


Innovation in an Age of Uncertainty

With COVID-19 disrupting our ability to host in-person events for the foreseeable future, how are Demand Gen marketers filling the pipeline gap?

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