The “Why?” Behind the Demandbase ABM Ecosystem

If you’re thinking “what is this Demandbase ABM Ecosystem and why should I care?” you’ve come to the right place. Put simply, the Demandbase ABM Ecosystem is a collection of software solutions that integrate with and complement the Demandbase Platform. Why should you care? Because by enabling seamless integrations between solutions in the ABM marketer’s stack, the Ecosystem helps ABM users get to value quickly. It leverages common data across their systems, coordinates programs across channels, provides insight on next best action, and measures the ROI of their investments across the entire funnel.

The ecosystem concept is nothing new. Leading platforms across virtually every technology category have ecosystems of complementary technologies – Salesforce’s AppExchange is a perfect example. What makes these ecosystems important is that they’re valuable to the end customer, and that value comes through data interoperability and functional automation (e.g. an event in one system triggers a related event in another system).

So how does a Demandbase client get value from the Demandbase ABM Ecosystem? This is where it gets fun, because there are SO MANY ways:

  1. Cross-Channel Coordination: Demandbase clients understand the power of creating & managing their Audiences (target account lists) in the Demandbase ABM Platform. By enabling 3rd-party systems to ingest these Audiences, they can be used in a coordinated fashion across virtually any channel (email, direct mail, content syndication, etc)
  2. Manage and Segment Target Account Audiences: Audiences can be enhanced and segmented by data that is brought into the Demandbase Platform through these integrations. Not only can CRM “opportunity” data be pulled in so that the ROI of ABM programs can be measured, but account profiles can be enhanced with contact data and both online and offline engagement data, providing a true 360-degree view of target accounts.
  3. Innovation through Collaboration: There are hundreds of smart, innovative companies developing capabilities that benefit the ABM marketer, and these numbers will only grow. Much like Salesforce users benefit from applications that are built for specific vertical industries or with deep functionality to serve a particular use case, the Demandbase ABM Ecosystem will enable clients to reap the benefits of these innovations alongside future capabilities that Demandbase delivers.
  4. Seamless Data Integration: In a world of exploding martech stacks (over 7,000 martech solutions in 2019!), siloed data represents a massive challenge for every CMO and a major barrier to achieving results/ROI. By enabling complementary solutions to pass data between systems, the Demandbase ABM Ecosystem takes the risk out of these buying decisions and enables the marketer to get to value quickly.

The benefits go on and on, but you get the idea. We’re super excited about the value this brings to our clients, and we’re thrilled to be partnering so closely with the ABM category’s leading ISVs in service of our joint clients. Keep an eye out for more integration announcements over the coming weeks!

Interested in becoming a member of the Demandbase ABM Ecosystem? Let’s discuss your integration idea.