The Week in B2B: Must-Know Trends, 2014 Predictions

the-week-in-b2b-lgWe know it can be hard to keep track of all the B2B marketing news out there, which is why we like to take a look back at the highlights at the end of every week. This week, we were still soaking in the important trends from 2014 and learning about what’s coming in 2014. It’s clear that content and advertising will continue to grow in the next year, and that all the innovation will keep marketers on their toes!

Don’t Go With Your Gut

It’s been exciting to see how many B2B marketers have recognized the importance of content marketing in the past couple years. Now that content production is in full swing, the next big challenge is measuring the effectiveness of that content. CMSWire discuss how and why to measure content in its “2014 Must-Do” series.

The Evolution of the CMO

We all know marketing is changing, so it makes sense that the role of the CMO is changing as well. AdAge shares the most important traits of this new species of CMO, such as entrepreneurial instincts, versatility and the ability to drive innovation.

We all know marketing is changing, so it makes sense that the role of the CMO is changing as well.

Goodbye Print, Hello Online

A report from FIPP on World Magazine trends shows that online ads are overtaking print ads, including magazines and newspapers. In the next few years, online advertising will continue to grow steadily. Notably, B2B magazines are switching to online ads at a rate on par with B2C. The Huffington Post covers the full trend report.

Retargeting is All the Rage

B2C marketers have been driving great results with retargeting for a while now, but B2B marketers have held back. Now, they’re ready to get on board. Part of the reason for this is that they finally have access to technology that is tailored specifically for B2B. DemandGen Report covers how B2B marketers are incorporating retargeting into their strategies.

The Truth About B2B Marketers

As B2B marketer, you’re usually focused on customer data. But don’t forget the importance of knowing thyself! This article from shares 15 mind-blowing stats about B2B marketing. (Think Buzzfeed, but better for your career.)

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