The Week in B2B: Marketing IQ and Better Ways to Display

the-week-in-b2b-lgAs marketing technology acquisitions increase, it’s becoming clear that big vendors are piecing together full-scaled marketing clouds. However, Forrester warns that each marketing automation system is distinct. Many customers don’t need an entire system, but rather a customized solution that is tailored to their specific business requirements. DM News explains how companies can assess their own needs and map them to marketing technologies.

Of course, the number of choices can be overwhelming at times, making it difficult for CMOs to prioritize their next steps. A clear understanding of the buyer’s journey, organizational structure and how technology impacts marketing strategy is key. Lattice Engine’s eBook, “The Ultimate Guide for CMOs and Marketing Leadership” provides the clear outline of the marketing technology landscape, highlighting the key, necessary elements of a modern marketing engine.

Technology has the ability to transform marketing programs, but marketers need to be savvy about monitoring the success of their programs. A new study for Solve Media predicts that ad fraud from botnets will cost advertisers $11.6 billion dollars in 2014. Fortunately, a number of key players in the ad tech community are devising solutions for combating this fraud, including targeting and carefully monitoring KPIs beyond click-through-rate.

One area of ad technology that is seeing significant improvement is retargeting. While the potential of retargeting has always been great, when executed poorly, it comes across as annoying and becomes a turn off for buyers. On the other hand, with the right tools and strategy, retargeting significantly supports the sales cycle. This week, eConsultancy shared retargeting best practices from Rakhee Jogia of Rakuten Marketing, who emphasized, “We need to find that customer at the right time, in the right window, and in the mindset to remind them of the product or service.”

One strategy that is becoming increasingly popular for engaging customers via display ads is video. Video is a medium in which creative, personalized content can shine. It’s surprising that over half of content marketers cite video as one of their most successful tactics. FierceCMO shares advice from leading experts on how to leverage the power of video with content that speaks directly to the B2B buyer.