The Week in B2B: Increased budgets, Focus on ROI and Smart Content

the-week-in-b2b-lgMarketing budgets are on the rise for 2014, according to a report from Forrester this week. The bulk of the increased budgets will go toward technology investments, as it enables marketers to prove ROI and demonstrate results. New budgets also reflect changes in the buying process, which requires marketers to improve and optimize their customers’ digital experience. AdAge covers key highlights from the report.

Ad Tech is leading the charge when it comes demonstrating ROI for marketing campaigns. Marketing Magazine shares five ways that technology makes digital advertising accountable. Highlights include the benefits of targeting and programmatic.

Despite the emphasis on technology, marketers can’t forgo creativity entirely. Finding the right balance between the two can be a challenge, but DMNNews offers a collection of advice on how marketers and technologist can work together.

The combination of creativity with strategy and data is also important when it comes to content creation. Content is undeniably a critical part of any marketing mix, but many marketers aren’t quite sure how to begin. shares the critical questions every marketer should ask before developing marketing content.

Part of the creating great content is ensuring that all business goals are reflected and integrated into the messaging. Understanding those keys objectives requires solid sales and marketing alignment, which we all know is easier said than done. To get you started, ClickZ shares 5 keys to sales and marketing alignment.