The Week in B2B: How to Love Your Customers, Upping Your Analytics Game

the-week-in-b2b-lgWe all know that the buyer’s journey begins the first time a prospect visits your website. But as we put more energy into the pre-sale experience, it’s important to remember that we need to put in just as much – if not more – effort after a deal closes. Christine Crandell writes for Forbes about how important the post-purchase experience is for B2B companies, both in terms of reputation and churn.

Of course, while it’s important to put your customers first, that doesn’t mean you should make all your decisions based on their advice. To truly wow your customers with product and innovation, you need to give them something they didn’t know they wanted. That said, you can’t make decisions in a vacuum. According to Jeff Lash of SiriusDecisions, the key is focusing on the market, rather than just the customer.

So what are those key market trends? Forrester’s study, ‘The New and Emerging World of B2B Commerce” provides a comprehensive overview of how B2B companies are recalibrating their strategies and technology and aligning to new buyer behavior. Forrester shares a summary of the three B2B commerce key shifts on their blog.

Of course, data and analytics are the linchpin of these shifts. As we have more in-depth questions about the buyer experience and online behavior, more sophisticated tools are required. ChiefMarketer outlines how B2B marketers are using advanced analytics to run higher performing campaigns. What’s even more interesting is the results they’re seeing when use these tools to make decisions. For example, Nucleus Research found that analytics tools pay back $10.66 for every dollar invested.

Although these analytics tools are clearly providing a lot “bang for the buck,” don’t use that phrase or you’ll be found guilty of overusing business jargon. This list of 50 words and phrases is good for a laugh – and will probably help in your content creation too. (Bonus points if you count how many offenses we committed in this blog post.)