The Week in B2B: Beating Big Data Fatigue, Avoiding Technology Mishaps

the-week-in-b2b-lgI feel like I have a canoe full of data and there’s a cruise ship right next to me full of data that I don’t know how to use.” If you empathize with this statement from Jeff Mirman, VP of marketing for Turner Sports, you’re not alone. You may also agree with the statement: “There’s so much content about how to do data-driven marketing, I don’t know where to start!” Fortunately, Direct Marketing News compiled all their best data-related content with key takeaways.

An understanding of your data is the linchpin of your marketing strategy and activities – especially marketing automation. Oracle’s Matt Sweezey’s warns that while marketing automation is gaining huge traction, companies are still failing at implementations because they choose not to educate themselves, don’t evaluate their existing campaigns or create content that doesn’t map to the buying cycle. Learn how to avoid these pitfalls in Matt’s ClickZ piece, “How to Fail with Marketing Automation.”

Social media marketing is another marketing tactic that everyone wants to do but not everyone knows how to do well. FierceCMO shares some high level advice for mobilizing your social media strategy holistically, ensuring your whole team can engage in meaningful conversations and support sales efforts with social.

Of course, no matter what channel you’re leveraging, engaging content is what makes or breaks your success. When it comes to advertising, that content is increasingly coming in the form of videos. However, media professionals disagree as to exactly what the future holds for online video. MarketingProfs breaks down some key results from a recent study conducted by Forrester consulting.

Another study revealed some data that will come surprise to many of us: B2B web traffic doesn’t grind to a halt on the holidays. tracked five years worth of data and found that Christmas week traffic is consistent with all December traffic. Furthermore, holidays can actually be a good time to sell, as prospects who engage in conversation at that time of year are often more committed to making a purchase. ChiefMarketer offers further insight on the right time to contact prospects.