The Secret to Loving Your Marketing Job

The-Secret-to-Loving-Your-Marketing-Job-lgIn numerous interactions with marketers around the country, I’ve heard time and time again how frustrating their relationships with sales can be.

I’ve talked with marketers who have never met their sales counterparts!

Sales blames Marketing for not hitting their numbers. Marketing gives up trying to “please” sales and does it’s own thing. I’ve worked at those companies in the past and not only is it bad for the organization, it’s just not that fun.

Despite that, many marketers get stuck in that situation because they fall into the lead trap: “If I can just get more leads, Sales will stop complaining about all my bad leads and leave me alone.” But what if there were no bad leads? Sounds like it’s too good to be true, right? It’s not, if you just imagine this scenario:

You start with one target account list that both teams are focused on. Marketing spends a majority of its resources to Attract, Engage and Convert those companies (and only those companies) into leads for your sales team. In turn, your sales team swiftly picks up those leads, working them and turning them into pipeline, and eventually into sales!

In that scenario, you’re leveraging each team’s strengths. You start with Sales’ knowledge of their territories, and the short list of key prospects they’ve identified, combine that with tools that Marketing has at its disposal to augment that “ideal prospect list,” and then your Target Account list is born! Simple, right? This is the beginning of an Account-Based Marketing strategy for your organization.

So what about execution? Converting your sales/marketing process from a traditional “Spray and Pray” methodology does take some work upfront to ensure both teams are in alignment and agreement. Marketing will definitely need to make some changes in the way they work. KPIs will need to change (from inquiries or MQLs to pipeline opportunities). Tactics will need to be adjusted (for example, just say “no” to the billboard). And the hand over of leads from marketing to sales will need to be polished (for example, prioritized by target accounts in sales’ queues). But trust me, the upfront work is worth the effort.

And once you get the fundamentals in place, then it’s simply a matter of scaling those efforts. Because once sales starts to see the success of these efforts, they’ll want more and more of your time. They’ll be asking you to work with them on territory plans. They will in fact support your initiatives, because they are now invested in your success.

Now that you know this scenario isn’t a dream but is an actual possibility, you might be wondering how to make it a reality. Where do you get started?

Join us we travel around the country talking about Account-based Marketing on the B2B Marketing Game Changer Tour. We’re putting our CMO, CPO and CEO on the road to bring the story to you, share the steps Demandbase put in place to scale our ABM efforts, and will have a number of folks on hand to talk with you about your organization’s own strategy. We’ll also have local marketers in your area at the event that have implemented ABM so that you can network with them and find out how they’ve done it.

So join us January 27th – March 5th and take the first step towards getting a “thank you” from Sales.