The Missing Link: Why Your B2B Marketing Tactics Won’t Lead to Revenue

the-missing-link-lgB2B marketers have more options than ever when it comes to executing on complex integrated campaigns. But despite great technology and great ideas, they still aren’t seeing the results they want. The problem is that they’re missing a little thing called the “buyer’s journey.” Before you plan any of your campaigns, your first step should be to know your buyer. In fact, knowing your buyer is arguably the most important part of the customer acquisition process, as it drives all your content, communication and strategy.

To learn why knowing your buyer is the missing link, check out the slideshare below, or tune in on Thursday, May 15 at 9:00 am for a 20-minute video interview with Christine Crandell and Amit Varshneya, Vice President, Consulting Services, Demandbase. They’ll have a live debate on why knowing your buyer is a game-changer missing that can transform sales and marketing. Register here.