The Many Roads to Account-Based Marketing

Whether you’re embarking on a full blown Account-Based Marketing strategy or just dipping your toes in the water, the first step to building an ABM strategy always begins with a target account list—the companies you want to be your customers.

While there’s a lot of literature about Account-Based Marketing (ABM) out there, and at some level, it makes you think that ABM is this expansive, technology-intensive, siloed process that would take you months to figure out, the reality is, that when it comes to ABM, you might already have this list.

So what does this list look like? It can contain:

  • named accounts
  • target segments (defined by attributes such as industry or annual revenue)
  • strategic accounts
  • customers
  • customers who are up for renewal

These types of companies may sound familiar to you, but you’ve probably never thought of them as a stepping stone for Account-Based Marketing.

When we plunged into the ABM waters here at Demandbase, we had a lot of strategic meetings and spent a large amount of our time with Sales to align on a set of key accounts. But it doesn’t have to be as formal as that.

It could be as simple as your sales team telling you that they’re focusing their efforts on financial services this quarter. Maybe you could use your customer renewal list for this quarter as a jumping point. You could even target a specific segment based off of geography.

Building your target account list doesn’t have to be a formal process. It should, however, be an exercise that provides some insight into your current and future marketing efforts.