The Future of Marketing Technology: Why Strategy Matters

If you follow the B2B marketing news, you’ve probably heard that CMOs are projected to spend more than $120 billion on marketing technology by 2025.

So if you’re a savvy B2B marketer looking to increase your contribution to revenue, which of the 1,800+ marketing technologies out there should you choose?

The truth is, you don’t need just another piece of technology. While technology has its place in the marketing ecosystem, strategy is what really drives results. So you could spend your time researching vendors and training your team on that new dashboard, but unless you have a framework that guides your team, you’ll never truly be successful.

A recent research report from Demand Metric and Demandbase shows us that B2B marketers are starting to understand this distinction. Rather than investing in plug in play solutions, they’re building Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies.


It’s important to note that success in Account-Based Marketing doesn’t totally depend on technology. While technology is important for creating efficiencies and scaling the strategy, ABM is more than just a technology solution to install and use.

As a result, more and more B2B marketers are shifting their efforts away from a high-quantity lead based approach and are focusing their marketing efforts on target accounts. And they’re seeing results: