The Double-Edged Sword of Private Deals

The-Double-Edged-Sword-of-Private-Deals-lgPrivate deals give advertisers access to premium publishers’ inventory that may not be available on the open exchange. Inherent in premium publisher inventory is the promise of brand-safe environment for advertisers. The publishers win because they can sell site inventory at guaranteed prices, (while having visibility to the advertisers that they allow through these private deals). The marketers win because they get access to exclusive audiences that they may not otherwise have reached on the open exchange.

Private deals are not without its challenges. Structuring a private deal is akin to passing over a paper IO, but instead of fulfilling an order, publishers now provide an advertiser-specific ID to use when bidding in the auction. Currently, there’s no easy way for publishers to generate a private deal ID and automatically pass it to advertisers. The process is still very much manual and requires people. Given that people are prone to error, it sometimes takes a few days before a private deal starts running, opposed to the instant bidding that occurs on open exchanges.

For B2B marketers, having private deals as part of your strategy is highly advisable. Coupled with Demandbase’s real-time identification, advertisers can be assured that their message will reach their intended company through the premium inventory of private deals. However, while private deals can provide coveted access to exclusive sites, private deals alone may not get the volume that marketers seek.

B2B marketers should couple an open exchange strategy with their private deals. By using a carefully curated list of sites that are safe for B2B brands, Demandbase can deliver company targeted messaging while ensuring the sites on which the message appears is safe for the brand, maximizing reach and volume on open exchanges while also retaining the exclusivity of premium publisher inventory.

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