The Best B2B Sessions at Advertising Week 2014

For the 11th year in a row, the top professionals in the marketing and communication fields are gathered in New York City for Advertising Week. There’s a lot of incredible content covering a broad range of subjects, so deciding what events to attend will undoubtedly be hard. But depending on what you’re focused on, it’s possible to narrow things down a little.

In our case, we’ve got an eye for B2B and we thought long and hard about the sessions that held the most value for us. Below, we’ve shared some sessions that are truly relevant for B2B and will include some solid, insight for marketers. Hope to see you there or around #AWXI!

The New York Times CEO Forum, Monday, 12pm

Lead by Stuart Elliot, advertising columnist for the New York Times, a panel of top CEOs will discuss what it means to run a company in the golden age of technology.

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Where the Cookie Crumbles, Monday, 2pm

Cross-device targeting has become critical for marketers, and so has mobile. The only problem is that cookies don’t work on mobile. What’s a marketer to do? This panel will discuss what the future holds for mobile targeting.

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Data-Driven Creative and Visualization, Tuesday, 9am

Marrying the worlds of data and creativity is the one of the biggest challenges for the modern digital marketers. Especially in B2B, it’s essential to know whether your creative endeavors map to specific customer segments and interests. This panel will discuss how data can positively influence creative decisions.

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The New CMO, Tuesday, 11am

Today’s CMOs face a whole new set of challenges. This panel (including our own CMO, Peter Isaacson) will discuss how they’re approaching marketing today.

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Why It’s Time for a New Model of Planning, Wednesday, 10am

The technology has changed, but our strategies remain the same. Backward thinking is hurting us, and in this session, the team from the TAXI agency will discuss how to change that.

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Get Real: Delivering a Personalized Dialogue With Identity Information and a Modern Marketing Platform, Wednesday, 12pm

Without a doubt, identity matters to the modern marketer. In this workshop, learn how identity, data and analytics can (and should) impact your strategy and help you effectively reach audiences.

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Inspiration.Innovation, Thursday, 11am

B2B doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it shouldn’t be. Come hear where some of the greatest leaders in media find their inspiration and learn how innovation is changing the game.

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Programmatic Town Hall, Thursday, 3:30pm

This is everything you ever wanted to know about programmatic buying but were too afraid to ask. OK, maybe you’re not afraid to ask about programmatic. But in all seriousness, the panel of experts has committed to answering any question you have. Wherever you are with programmatic, it’s worth exploring what they have to say.

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