How Technology Solutions Align to Account-Based Experience, for a Complete B2B Go-to-Market Strategy

Transitioning your company strategy into a holistic account-based approach can feel overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to. You have a key ally that you can leverage right from the start of your transition to Account-Based Experience (ABX): technology. To keep things simple, we put together an infographic that will help you extract as much information out of your new ABX approach as possible. This slick new guide will help you expedite and execute each of the five key processes outlined in The Clear & Complete Guide to Account-Based Experience (ABX) – Build, Find, Engage, Close, and Measure – with ease and added accuracy.

Check out how you can optimize your Go-to-Market strategy with solutions best suited to each of these five processes in the infographic below.







B2B Go-To-Market Suite, Demandbase

Demandbase transforms how B2B companies go to market, helping them deliver great experiences at every stage of the account journey. The comprehensive platform consists of B2B go-to-market solutions to help companies identify, understand, and engage their customers and prospects.