#SwagSwap: The SiriusDecisions Summit Tour

Last week, we attended one of our favorite conferences, the SiriusDecisions Summit in Austin. The theme of this year’s show was “TOGETHER,” underscoring the importance of having the same goals, data and analytics across an organization. Fittingly, at the SiriusDecsions Summit, we announced the launch of the Demandbase ABM Ecosystem, an initiative aimed at bringing together the key technologies for executing an ABM strategy to deliver consistent cross-channel content, messaging and business outcomes.

In the spirit of this theme of togetherness, we decided to do a #SwagSwap to not only share some great conference swag, but also share ABM best practices and tips. Read on for 15 great tips from ABM practitioners and vendors.

Salesforce Pardot

“At the center of any ABM strategy is the CRM and powerful marketing automation solution.”Pallavi Sarup (Solution Engineer) and Bill Reed (Manager, Product Marketing)


“Marketers need more on-demand experiences with content. Look for ways to deliver micro personalization to enable their buyers to consume information easier and faster.”Elle Woulfe (VP of Marketing)


“Professionals are spending 6 1/2 hours a day in the inbox, go where they are.”Justin Keller (VP of Marketing)


“Sharing some secrets about what happens when you combine customized targeting and giving those VIP accounts the fast lane to a conversation.”Stacy Chen (Enterprise Conversational Sales Advisor)


“By combining your Content Marketing, Digital Marketing and Account Development efforts you can help create unmatched levels of dynamic personalization.”Luke Rafferty (Senior, Account Development) and David Brutman (Co-founder & Chief Product Officer)

Oracle Marketing Cloud

“Build your marketing around how it drives revenue not just engagement, that will allow you to have the conversations with your CEOs/CFOs.”John Cook (Product Management Marketer) and Phil Chow (Master Principal Sales Consultant)


“It’s not a gift if it has your company logo on it.”Sarah Askett (Event Marketing Manager)


“Maximize your return by personalizing your event experience.”Brian Klein (Account Executive)


“Real-time actionable intelligence allows you to optimize and sell better into key contacts.”Kyle Witherspoon (Sr. Enterprise Account Executive) and Jared Toye (Account Executive) and Bobby Driscoll (Senior Account Executive)


“Break through the digital noise. Webinars aren’t one off, they should be always on.”Elaine Wargo (Sr. Manager, Brand & Creative Strategy) and Tessa Barron (Sr. Director, Brand & Communications) and Tara Shirakh (Marketing Program Specialist)


“A good strategy at events to cut through the noise is making cut-outs of customers, influencers and target account contacts. Also, a great conversation starter.”Brandon Redlinger (Director of Growth)


“Partnering with organizations that align with your revenue goals within the B2B ecosystem allows for scalability and visibility.”Naomi Ghilea (Senior Manager, Field Marketing)


“20% email personalization = 26% increase in response rate.”Ryland Washington (Enterprise Revenue Growth) and Butler Raines (VP of Product)


“It’s not necessarily about the structure of your RevOps or ABM program, but rather the concept that drives alignment to focus on the right accounts.”Maile Johnson (Senior Director, Demand Generation)


“Send swag, be persistent, follow-up, be quick.”Nadia Grabiner (Strategic Business Development Executive)