[Survey]: How Does Your ABM Strategy Stack Up?

There’s been a lot of research published about the benefits of Account-Based Marketing (ABM). Most recently, TOPO shared the findings from their ABM survey, which captured impactful results from real marketers who are using ABM. While there’s not much debate about ABM’s ability to help drive growth, you’re not alone if you’re wondering “how do I make ABM successful at my company?

The first step to being successful is taking an honest look at where you are. You’ll need to know how you’re doing across a set of ABM criteria: alignment, target accounts, technology, messaging, measurement and scale. Once you know where you stand with each one of these categories, you can make important decisions about where to go next.

We’ve created the Account-Based Marketing Strategy Assessment to help you understand how you’re performing across each one of these key areas. After you complete the survey, you’ll get a set of scores for each category, along with industry benchmarks, which you can use to identify strengths and weaknesses in your strategy. These insights will pave the way for important decisions about your resources and budget.

If you’re attending the SiriusDecisions Summit next week, be sure to stop by Booth 624 to talk about your results with one of our ABM experts and claim your Demandbase hoodie!

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