Stacking up for ABM Just Got (a Whole Lot) Easier

As modern marketers, technology has always been a part of our DNA. And at no other point in history have we had such a plethora of technology options at our disposal. But that’s the thing; we may have reached a tipping point where there are simply too many choices. The Marketing Technology Landscape created by Scott Brinker & is a case in point — back in 2017, they branded it the ‘Martech 5000’ but the number of technologies kept growing; fast-forward to 2019 and it’s over 7000! You’re probably not surprised that this alone makes identifying the right marketing technology a challenge in itself. Can you choose from this many options?

The Marketing Technology Landscape created by Scott Brinker &
As the landscape continues to grow, we’re seeing new categories introduced by analysts – take the Forrester New Wave(™): ABM Platforms Q2,2018 for example — ensuring that your gluttony of options shows no sign of waning. As more of us adopt account-based marketing (ABM) as a strategic approach to improve sales and marketing performance, we’re all facing similar challenges in managing budgets, resources, time, and performance. That’s why it’s no surprise that we seek out technologies which will expedite our growth and adoption curve. But as I always say, “You can’t buy your way into ABM success.” ABM takes dedication to the strategy first, followed by an investment in the right technologies to support it. And with marketers’ ABM maturity spanning a spectrum of stages, finding the right marketing technologies to support your ABM journey is no simple task.


A recent study ‘2019 ABM Engagement Trend Report, Canam Research’ found that only 12% of marketers are attempting to execute ABM without a tool (that means technology). Findings from a different report, The State of the ABM Tech Stack, report that median to mature account-based marketers were 3 times more likely to report their tech stack supports their strategy well. In contrast, immature ABM’ers were 4 times more likely to report their current stack does not support their ABM strategy well. Overlaying the findings from these, it’s clear that identifying the best technology stack to support your ABM strategy is part of the secret sauce that makes top B2B marketers successful.


We’re excited to introduce the ABM Stack Evaluator, a free self-service resource to help you find the right ABM technologies to support your current and future growth. It’s designed to simplify your ABM technology research by matching your current stage of ABM maturity to the best technologies that will support it across key areas of ABM. By identifying the main challenges you face in seven quick simple steps, you’ll get a customized report providing categorical insights to guide your evaluation to the right tools to support the current needs of your ABM strategy.

Maybe we shouldn’t be so bold as to call this the ‘easy button’ for ABM technology evaluations; but then again, why not? It’s derived from over a decade of ABM experience and leadership, supported by the Demandbase ABM Ecosystem — a set of best of breed strategic partnerships and integrations that enable B2B marketers to win new customers and drive revenue, hassle-free — and it only takes a few minutes of your time to get actionable insights.

Is making the best technology decision for your ABM strategy holding you back? Not anymore. The power is at your fingertips. Why not take the first step?