How our Sales Team Uses Account-Based Sales Development

Today’s sales teams are stuck between a rock and hard place. Not only are they expected to hit their number quarter after quarter, but they also have to deliver personalized, engaging outreach for each one of their target accounts. Achieving both of these goals means a lot of face time with their computers, researching each and every account, identifying individual stakeholders to contact within those companies and then building relevant messaging to engage those individuals. While most sales reps can do this type of research for a handful of accounts, as soon as they try to scale, it becomes nearly impossible to a) deliver those engaging messages and b) effectively hit their goals at the same time.

At Demandbase, we’ve experienced this challenge first-hand with our own SDR team, and have used our product, Account-Based Sales Development (ABSD), to help them address it. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through ABSD and share how it helps solve the challenges most sales teams face.

A quick side note before we get started: if you’re more of a visual learner and would like to see a demo of ABSD instead, you can do so here.

What is Account-Based Sales Development?
Account-Based Sales Development is our sales prospecting solution, which helps us automate a lot of our sales activities, so our team can focus on more important tasks, like qualifying accounts and moving them through the funnel. ABSD gives us a clear view into the following:
– Recommended contacts
– Individual contact information
– Social media information

Beyond this data, ABSD also gives us insight into what these contacts are reading and writing about. That includes articles they’ve written, relevant topics they’ve expressed interest in, articles they’ve been mentioned in and social media interactions.

How does our team use it?
We use the information ABSD surfaces to build out relevant, personalized emails and make our conversations more impactful. For example, if we know a specific person is interested in account-based advertising, we might direct them to a specific piece of advertising content or connect them with one of our advertising experts. Or if they’ve recently published a blog post, we offer them a unique perspective and include recommended links. We’ve found that this type of personalization is a really effective way to break through all the noise and start those engaging conversations that translate into revenue.

If you’re curious to see what ABSD looks like in action, you can watch a live demo of ABSD here. In it, our Senior Director of Sales Development, Jay Tuel and SVP of Technology, Aman Naimat will walk you through the platform and expand on the best practices we’ve shared above.