Sales and Marketing: Give Peace a Chance

Sales-and-Marketing-Give-Peace-a-Chance-lgLast week, Demandbase held a workshop on account-based marketing at Content Marketing World. When it came time for Q&A, the vibe in the room transformed into that of a support group.

“No matter what I do, it’s not good enough for sales.”

“Even when we do good work, they fight us on attribution.”

“I can’t imagine anything actually making them happy?”

Fortuitously, a few of our own sales reps were in the back of the room watching the presentation and were happy to jump in/offer insight on some of these issues. Or maybe “fortuitously” is the wrong word, because that implies that it was some kind of happy accident. In reality, our reps were there because they’re excited about the work we do and the content we present. They’re bought in to the idea that sales and marketing are partners, and we’re all gung-ho to support each other throughout the funnel.

That level of collaboration doesn’t exist just because we put something special in the water (Diet Coke/Coffee?) at Demandbase HQ. It exists because we’re executing on account-based marketing in a way that ensures both teams are on the same page about the companies we’re trying to target. They see the commitment when every sales rep is supported by a cohesive marketing plan for the accounts in their territory.

It was truly validating (and honestly, kind of heartwarming) when our sales reps jumped in during the Q&A to confirm that the content on our slides about sales and marketing alignment was not – to be blunt – a load of marketing B.S. We’re in the very lucky position of being marketers marketing to marketers during what is proving to be the golden age of marketing (say that three times fast). Of course, we’re serious about selling, but on a more personal note, we want our marketing peers to actualize their potential and get the respect they deserve from other departments, especially.

We’re excited to be able to share our best practices for creating sales and marketing lovefests alignment with as many marketers as possible. Most recently, our CMO did an interview with Crimson Marketing CEO Glenn Gow to explain why you have a bad relationship with sales and what you can do it about. Check out their podcast and read their blog post to learn about fixing your relationship with sales, leveraging technology and adapting strategy to meet the challenges of the digital age.