Partnership with Folloze Brings Account Personalization to Scale

We recently partnered with Folloze, an ABM engagement platform, to provide hyper-personalized account experiences to prospects and customers, regardless of channel or contact method. The integrated capabilities enables close collaboration between marketing and sales, making it possible to execute multi-channel ABM programs that combine both outbound and inbound motions, powered by marketing and delivered by sales, at scale. The integrated solution makes it relevant for both global and regional campaigns, top-down initiatives, as well as field generated needs due to the agile and efficient process.

Demandbase and Folloze integration offering Multi Channel Campaigns leading to a single hyper-personalized experience

The integration between Folloze and Demandbase provides marketing and sales teams the ability to:

  • Deliver deep engagement and gain visibility within top accounts
  • Boost pipeline generation due to scalability of hyper-personalized demand generation programs
  • Advance deals and shortened sales cycles
  • Better differentiate through a unique customer experience


Below are some of the use cases experienced by joint customers leveraging the new integration:

Use Case 1: Programmatic ABM—generate demand among net-new customs

Create a variety of industry-flavored and account-specific experiences that promote an offering or a product. This can be used in an inbound demand generation campaign, or in Sales Development Representative (SDR) outreach via SalesLoft, Outreach, etc. Regardless of the channel, the experience will be auto-personalized for the account, present the account executive (AE) or SDR in the contact card, and subscribe them to account engagement analytics.

Personalized account experiences by industry and account data

Contact Card of salesperson assigned dynamically

Use Case 2: Strategic ABM—promote new offering/product and expand with existing accounts

When targeting existing customers for renewal or expansion, there is typically richer data about that account that can be used: products they’ve deployed, their needs and upsell opportunities, key stakeholders, etc. The account personalization experience can depend on those insights and be geared to potential upsell motions, to educate the customer on best practices, and to nurture account relationships. The salesperson plays an even more significant role in this account stage and therefore it is critical to position her/him prominently.

Account experience based on account interest, intent, location

Use Case 3: Apply ABM to Marketing programs or campaign (e.g. Event promotion and follow-up via ABM methods)

Fuel all Demand Generation campaigns with personalization. For example, you can run an event promotion as an ABM campaign. This allows you to send targeted invitations by industry, role or interest with personalized invitations to the event, emphasizing the value of the event for the account or segment. The goal is to drive higher engagement and attendance at the event. After the event, an ABM follow-up personalized board can provide recorded session or other content to drive higher consumption of the content by both event attendees and people in the account that didn’t attend the event.

ABM event invitation and follow-up

Learn More

To learn more, see a live demo and get insight into customer case studies join us at our upcoming joint webinar on April 9, 2019 at 11 a.m. PT.