Our Top Five Blog Posts of 2016

There’s been a lot written about B2B Marketing this year, and while you could spend your entire holiday break trying to read it all, we’ve made things a little easier for you by compiling a list of our highest-performing blogs from this past year. From ABM and data to technology and innovation, this year’s articles provide a perfect snapshot of B2B in 2016.

You can read them, share them or print them out and use them as stocking stuffers. We hope you enjoy!

Infographic: The Account-Based Marketing Checklist
If our latest research is anything to go by, ABM will matter more than ever in 2017. Since implementing a new strategy can be daunting, we recommend this helpful checklist, which you can use to bucket your program into three manageable steps.

The 11 Tools Our SDR Team Uses Every Day
Over the past year, sales and marketing teams have found themselves closer than ever. We all know that they need to align on accounts, but what about technology? In this blog post, our Senior Director of Sales Development makes sense of the crowded landscape and shares the 11 tools your SDR team shouldn’t live without.

Why Company Identification is Trickier Than You Think
You’ve probably heard a lot about IP identification, and while you could pretend to understand the messy business of identifying the companies who come to your site, it might be easier to read this blog post–which breaks the topic down clearly and concisely.

So You Want to Personalize Your B2B Website?
These days, website personalization is at the top of everyone’s mind. But with the growing number of vendors, choosing the right solution can be an overwhelming task. If you’re looking to get started with personalization, this post is an excellent primer.

Ace Awards 2016: Special Moments with Our Special Customers
As ABM lovers, we jump at any opportunity to learn from and celebrate our customers. This year’s Ace Awards honored the most innovative ABM programs and B2B marketers. You can use the strategies and tactics found in this blog post as inspiration for your own ABM initiatives.

We love writing and editing this blog and want to use it as a medium to answer questions and share the stories that matter to you. If you have specific topics you want addressed, send us a tweet @Demandbase, and we’ll get writing!