Demandbase and LiveRamp Provide Industry-Leading Identification & Targeting Solutions

The world of B2B has been undergoing a significant evolution.

B2B buyers are increasingly behaving like consumers, and vendors are struggling with delivering personalized experiences to those buyers. Add to this a global economic slowdown, which has prolonged buying cycles, and the COVID-19 pandemic, which has halted traditional marketing approaches. In response, vendors are investing more in digital marketing, particularly in account identification and ad targeting solutions, which have become a primary means to reach their target accounts.

To fill the growing need for more sophistication in the digital space, Demandbase and LiveRamp have joined forces in an innovative partnership—one that fires up B2B account identification and ad targeting capabilities.

Leaders in next-generation data connectivity, control, and activation

Demandbase, the leader in Account-Based Marketing and Account-Based Advertising, provides B2B marketers access to a DSP built specifically for B2B—to accurately identify and deliver personalized, targeted experiences to critical accounts. As the leading data connectivity platform for the safe and effective use of data, LiveRamp enables companies to better connect, control, and activate data to transform customer experiences and generate more valuable business outcomes.

By joining forces through a strategic partnership, Demandbase and LiveRamp are able to solve the challenges B2B brands have with identifying and managing key audiences and delivering targeted experiences (or ads) across channels. B2B brands will now have access to the industry’s best account identification and targeting capabilities at their fingertips.

As account identification and digital advertising become increasingly important to the B2B world, Demandbase continues to extend its capabilities to serve the needs of B2B organizations. The recent strategic partnership with LiveRamp is positioned to deliver the next generation of data and advertising targeting solutions to the market.

Integrating  innovative features for B2B marketers

Together, Demandbase and LiveRamp will provide B2B marketers with robust audience building and ad-targeting functionality to help them deliver even more powerful personalized experiences to their accounts. The integration offers B2B marketers the innovative features they need to engage with their target accounts, including:

  • Best-in-class account identification.
  • An industry-leading re-targeting tool to reach customers inside B2B organizations’ CRM and marketing automation systems.
  • Advanced targeting capabilities based on the job titles of the members in buying teams.
  • Audience push-and-pull to more channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Integration of LiveRamp’s privacy-first, pseudonymous identifier into Demandbase’s best-in-class ad-targeting solution.
  • LiveRamp’s identifier works across channels, even given evolving restrictions to third-party cookies and mobile ad IDs, so B2B brands can work in a cookie-less world.

Demandbase and LiveRamp are expanding the digital execution channels available to marketers while focusing those capabilities more granularly by intent, role, and engagement. With these tools in hand, marketers will have the ability to deliver the personalized, relevant experiences their customers expect and demand.

Empowering B2B marketers to achieve their goals

The world of B2B is changing. To keep up with their target accounts, B2B marketers need to continue to embrace digital channels, including account identification and ad-targeting solutions. And they must arm themselves with the right tools to reach their customers with the right messaging at the right time. Demandbase and LiveRamp are committed to delivering transformational tools that help B2B marketers achieve their goals.

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Thought Leader, B2B Marketing & Sales Strategy

I led the Product Management Team at Demandbase, where I was responsible for driving product innovation and development. Previously, I led data science and the Targeting Engineering Team. I've been involved in the development of every major product, whether as a data scientist, a development manager, a product manager, or as an advisor. I hold a Ph.D. in computational mathematics from Stanford University, and my thesis was on the applications of machine learning to social networks. I received a BA from Northwestern University where I triple-majored in math, physics, and integrated science.

Chief Operating Officer, LiveRamp B2B

Pieter De Temmerman is COO at LiveRamp B2B, where he is focused on building global solutions to B2B challenges in sales, marketing, and analytics for companies, agencies, platforms, and data providers.