More Engagement, Better Connections, Higher Profits

Has your marketing team recently heard from corporate honchos that it’s time to get on board with an ABM account-based-marketing program, sharing the ROI load with the sales team? You’re not alone. These days, moving customers through the sales funnel with increased velocity and engagement can be a daunting task for marketers. Your job is to create a higher brand value, fill the customer pipeline, micro-target high-value prospects, personalize messaging, and provide relevant content to deepen customer engagement. Increasingly, you are responsible for filling the sales pipeline directly leading to ROI.

Let’s be real, your company’s website is your customer 1st point of contact and the most valuable tool for generating MQL’s and SQL’s. You’ll want to maximize your website for micro-targeting and screening out “the 82% of website visitors that are not your potential customers”. We thought you’d like this highly informative eBook, The B2B Marketer’s Guide to Website Personalization and Engagement, to help you identify new and existing opportunities that are bubbling up through the customer funnel. It’s a “how-to” primer defining and prioritizing high-value customers with targeted, personalized content, engaging them for the long haul. It explains how simple content modifications and more relevant measurement leads to increased ROI.

Why this eBook will enhance your marketing superstar power
• Learn the ropes for enhancing customer engagement and retention for each unique high-value prospect
• Get some handy tools and charts for website segmentation, targeting, and personalization
• Dominate the game with these ways to measure engagement success for ROI
• Uncover greater operational efficiencies between marketing and sales
• Share mini-cases with your marketing colleagues showcasing successes of website personalization and ABM

Don’t judge an eBook by its cover
Dive in and uncover these 4 themes: targeting and segmentation, customizing the visitor experience, measuring engagement success, and aligning resources and work flow. You’ll immediately be able to use the worksheets and checklists to help you walk through the process.

Hit the bullseye (with targets and segments)!
A foundation builder, you’ll get step-by-step instructions and specific worksheets to identify your most important customer segments for micro-targeting. As a marketing superstar, you’ll appreciate the checklist to assess if your segmentation strategy is the right one, avoiding the typical segmentation mistakes. Want a few brief anecdotes on ABM and personalization to move customers through the sales funnel? You’ll be the superhero when your team gets it.

Customize, customize, customize – it’s personal
Have you seen the light yet? You’ll learn about site and multi-channel customization examples and ways to assess your current content inventory. By learning to make simple adjustments to your website, you’ll be able to customize for each of your high value segments, yielding higher engagement and outcomes. Simple examples of modifying personalized ads, landing pages, chat sessions, and contact forms are provided along with worksheets to assess your content inventory.

Confidence beyond measure – personalization outcomes
As marketers, you’ll want more effective ways to measure the success of your ABM strategy. Specifically, this eBook offers tools using established baselines to quantify whether your customer personalization and re-engagement tactics are working. Consider business outcomes that your leadership will value: funnel velocity, sales revenue, upsell costs along with website visitor and engagement measurements
Match made in heaven – people + process
At last. Whew! Get structured to operationalize your personalization and engagement strategy. You’ll want to consider which of these teams (marketing ops, analytics, sales-marketing leadership, digital and advertising) are responsible for implementation and how they will work together. An “Operationalizing Your Engagement Strategy” checklist is provided to make sure your teams understand what steps need to be taken by each team to maximize your personalization plan.

Keep it Simple
This eBook is smart because it keeps its simple and suggests marketers do too. Start with one high-value audiences to segment, plan your approach to personalizing the web experience for the segment, ensure that the content flow keeps the segment engaged. Test it out, then provide measurements against your baseline. As you become more confident in your process, evaluate and iterate with other high-value segments.

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